Written and Video Statement Analysis

Written and Video Statement Analysis

What’s underneath?

Written and video-recorded statements present additional information than just what’s said. To the trained eye, the words people select and their body language reveal when they’re being lying, omitting something, and being intentionally evasive.

Fady Sahyoun offers in detail analysis of the verbiage and nonverbal communication to appraise the genuineness and reliability of everything that’s been said.

  • Shows when parties are being less than forthcoming
  • Identifies reputable, honest parties
  • Pinpoints lies, omissions, and vague or misleading language
  • Uncovers alternative motives, biases, and other causes for suspicion
  • Spots a scam
  • Provides a valuable objective assessment

When time, money, and reputations are on the line, Fady is your best safeguards. Get in touch